We offer the ability to pay by check over the Internet using WebCheck. WebCheck is a cost-effective ACH transaction resulting in significant cost savings to us over credit card transactions. Yet, it still provides you with the convenience of paying over the Web. Rather than writing a traditional check from a checking account, you can process the check electronically over the web through Registration. It is secure, convenient and free!

Please note that Home Equity line of credit and credit card checks are not accepted via ACH (WebCheck). If you wish to use one of these, you can mail a check (see below) to our Office or you can transfer funds to your checking account and then pay via WebCheck.

Credit Card

We use an outside Vendor to process MasterCard, American Express and Discover payments ONLY. You will be charged a service fee of 2.75% by the Vendor for this service. Don't forget, you can pay by check with no fee. The charge will automatically be added to the amount of the payment. This charge may be avoided by using WebCheck or paying by cash or check at the window.

Mail In Payments

Make all checks or money orders payable to SHOOT. When you provide a check as payment, you authorize us either to use the information from your check to make a one time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction. Persons wishing to opt out of the check conversion must use another form of payment. For inquiries, please call 404-894-4458. Student's ID must be clearly printed on the checks or money orders. Please mail to the following address:

225 North Avenue

International Wire Transfer of Funds

The most efficient means for an international student to pay student tuition by wire from a foreign bank is through Western Union Business Solutions' Bank to Bank Transfer. This option allows you to pay your university invoice in your currency of choice and provides a simple and secure way of initiating a payment electronically. For further details, see the Western Union Business Solutions' Instructions. To initiate an international wire, please click here. Please note-Shoot policy is that excess funds transferred by international wire that are substantially in excess of the amount owed on the student account will be returned to the originating bank account.


Prepayment of fees will be accepted; however, prepayment does not guarantee the student will successfully register for any or all classes needed. It is the student's responsibility to properly register for classes by the registration deadline.

Housing Prepayments and Deposits

Housing prepayments and deposits now can be made via the SHOOT website. For instructions, go to the Bursars Payment page.



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